Sigal Admony-Ravid

Sigal Admony-Ravid



Sigal is leading Carelon’s sourcing and strategic business development team. In her role Sigal initiates, directs, and executes strategic joint projects with tech companies, VCs, and key research institutions, implementing digital, data-driven, high-value proposition solutions within Carelon

Prior to joining Carelon, Sigal was VP Marketing and a founding member at LeumiTech, the startup financing arm of Israel’s leading bank. She was heading all marketing channels, focusing on strategic partnerships with key members of the high-tech industry in Israel, US and UK.

Previously, Sigal was the Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs to the West Coast, focused on increasing leading MNCs’ investments in Israel and advising Israeli tech companies on funding and business development needs. She also established the Israeli economic offices in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, Sigal served in the Ministry of Economy in several roles and managed a 300 MNIS program promoting the international commercialization of alternative energy technologies.

Sigal obtained her B.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv University, an MBA from Tel Aviv University and UCLA, and her LL.B from Hebrew University.

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