Maya Magnat

Maya Magnat is a performance artist, speaker and educator


Magnat’s artistic work and research deals with mediated intimacy, sexuality and technology, woman and technology and interactive art and games. She is interested in finding different ways to create new kinds of intimacy using technology.

Magnat is one of the founders of the “Intimake” community for people from various fields (makers, developers, educators, therapists, etc.) who wish to find different ways to create intimacy through technology, in the goal of facilitating closeness, intimacy and positive sexuality.

She has an M.F.A in Performance Research from the University of Tel Aviv and studied sexual education at “Open Door” Voluntary association. Currently she is working on her thesis at the technologies in education program at Haifa University.​

Maya participated as a speaker and as a performer at various festivals, theaters and museums the biennial of the moving image in Frankfurt, Tel Aviv University, Bezalel academy for art and design, the “Re:publica” festival Berlin, and the “Lyst” convention Copenhagen.

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